In the footprints of Robert the Bruce

23 May

glenluce abbey Glen Luce Abbey – near Stranraer – sou-west Scotland.

Built around 1192 by the Cistercian monks of Dundrennan Abbey for the ‘daughters of the church.’

Read what you like into that last sentence – I got it from a sign by the gate.

King Robert passed this way in 1329 while on his way from his home estates of Carrick – south of Ayr – to Dundrennan Abbey.

The remains of Dundrennan Abbey are just up the road from my home and figure quite a lot in the turbulent times of Bruce and Mary Queen of Scots to name but two fugitives who were glad of it’s shelter.

No doubt Bruce was on his horse because it’s a long walk over the bare hillsides.

Glen Luce 015

I had it easy on the Tenere – mostly on single track roads —

Glen Luce 002

with views to enjoy —

Glen Luce 004

and a picnic spot too —

Glen Luce 009

where King Robert may have stopped for a brew.

Glen Luce 005

I didn’t let him down and had mine there too.

Glen Luce 010

Time too for a shot through the trees of the old rail viaduct over the Water’s of Luce near New Luce.

Glen Luce 013

Yes – it was a great day to be out on the hills and glens with the Tenere 🙂


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