Water’s of Luce

24 May

Water’s of Luce – yes – two of them and they merge at New Luce. There is the Water of Luce which I traced yesterday on the Tenere and is spanned by this handsome stone viaduct carrying the Glasgow to Stranraer railway line —

Viaduct 1

and to add to the confusion there’s the Cross Water of Luce passing under this old iron lattice-work bridge just below the hidden Falls of no-name.

Helen's Falls 011

Well they didn’t have a name till today when we dubbed them ‘Helen’s Falls’ after the finder up there on the bridge. After thirty or so kilometres on hill roads from Newton Stewart we spotted the stepping stones in the wall roughly where the map said ‘Waterfall’.

falls six

The bridge was just a few metres through the trees and it crosses a bonnie bit of water right enough.

mossy back - Copy

Not of epic Niagra proportions I admit —

falls 2

but a perfect spot for a Sunday afternoon picnic.


With bluebells in abundance —

bluebells amongst the moss

marsh marigolds – wood anenomies too —

falls 3

we’ve found just the place – and it’s time for a brew.

gnome - Copy

I’ve passed within sixty feet of this spot before on my way across the hills on the Tenere and wouldn’t have guessed the falls existed —

falls 4

but today with the car —

apple blossom

and an extra pair of eyes on the Ordnance Survey map —


we were on a winner 🙂

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