little things – that we do —

19 Aug

It’s been a while since I was on here  – so long in fact that I can imagine that I’m writing to myself.

Nothing new about that then but instead of letting my blog drift into oblivion I’ve bit the bullet and sent off another twelve month’s rental to WordPress which will carry me through to mid September next year if I don’t run out of steam before then.

Ten to Port

Must admit I’ve missed the old blog. Carrying a camera gave me a reason to be out there —

Ten to Hills

Be it finding new places to visit in the hills and glens of sou-west Scotland on the Ten —

pretty places

Or two up on the Pan —

tin shack

even if it does mean I have two helmets to carry at times —

two helmets

and there’s always another camera to contend with when I’m daft enough to decide to adjust the pre-load on the rear shock mid-ride —


So there’s something to be said for the little things in life – like my little MSX 125 —

carrick rocks 008

Mixie may not be very big – but she carries me and my sannies to the coast in jig time of an evening to watch the sun go down —

carrick rocks 010

The wee belter does the home run even quicker and any doubts about the usefulness of her five and half litre tank were chucked right oot the windae when all I could squeeze in the tank after her first hundred miles was two and half litres —


and talking of little things – how do I handle this wee mite that someone was daft enough to hand over to me —

me n jax

Mmmm – I’m coming round to it —

o mammie

Oh yes – Jax showed a whole lot of patience for a lad who is yet to reach his first birthday —

happy boys

Smiles all round – a piece of cake this baby sitting – especially when Jax can jump on the Pan Euro and direct the workmen erecting a telephone pole across the road —

biker boys

While grannie kept a watchful eye on procceedings from a safe distance 🙂

more butter

Little things —-


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