20 Aug

It hasn’t all been plain sailing this summer —

Mulberry Harbour 002

Nope! For one thing the Tall Tenere blotted it’s copy book and fell over!

For reason’s best known to mesel I decided to check out this logpile at the bottom of a steep and rough dirt track in a very remote part of the sou-west. I stepped off the bike – parked her on the side stand – turned my back on her —- then heard an almighty CRASH!

screwed up 002

The suspension had sagged with the weight of the luggage I was carrying and my poor Tenere overbalanced and fell away from the sidestand! Doh!

With nary a soul for miles around there was only one thing for it unless I wanted to spend a night in the forest – get her shiny side up again.

My first attempt to lift her ruptured the tendons in my left heel which were almost recovered from a previous calamity. Nothing else for it – helmet came off – jacket came off and so did the panniers and tailpack. Then with first gear engaged to lock the rear and a good grip on the bars plus gritted teeth and every sinew straining – up she came. She carries her five gallons of fuel high so the almost full tank didn’t help matters much.

No worries – she was back on her wheels – better still – the only visible damage was a slight scratch to a lever guard and a small ding in one of the boxes. It will be a few weeks before my heel recovers though and my insufferable pride took a bigger dent than the pannier box 🙂

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