Indian Summer

08 Oct

010Indian Summer – a term first recorded in Letters from an American Farmer in 1778 – has finally hit sou-west Scotland and not before time as she has been a pretty dreich summer.

The brambles have been a poor crop this year and try as I might I’m finding it difficult to achieve a decent ‘set’ in the jam.

Runny is as runny does – I have it on good authority from my knowledgeable friend Jim that the problem is caused by the dearth of sunshine this year.

Without the sunshine there is a lack of sugar in the fruit. No worries for I really enjoy getting out there and picking a few berries.

With the moon currently at it’s closest point to the earth it’s gravitational pull is increased leading to extremely high and low tides with sudden surges at both ends of the scale.

I was picking berries on the bank by Wigtown Harbour yesterday when I spotted my first ‘borelet’. Not a big un but noticeable – triggered by the sudden change from ebb to flow – the borelet was certainly gaining size and momentum as the river narrowed by my feet.

No worries – summer may be over but nobody told my mini-jungle out front —


When I cleared away the debris of sunflowers and stuff that were past their best t’other day —

Heathers too

I found lots of flowers that are still hale and hearty down below —

golly hocks

or self-seeded in the border from last year’s wildflower mix —

H poppy

The hollyhocks donated by the minister from the church next door grew to a great height – at least ten feet – or three metres for our continental friends —


giving the free-loading clematis something to cling to —


So it wasn’t such a poor summer after all —


If only someone had told the brambles 🙂

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