Angel’s Terrarium

23 Nov

blue angel hollyI inherited a fish not so long ago — an angelfish.

Never thought for a minute I could get close to a fish but Angel was a bit special.

She arrived complete with 24x12ins tank and all the gubbins … thermometer … filtration unit … water heater … shiny toys … plants and a fine bridge to nowhere.

Never kept fish before but I thought it would be easy.

Had the water tested n treated … took advice on food n feeding … joined in fishy forums on the net … did everything I could think of to bone up on fishy matters … all to no avail.

I always thought she was trying to tell me sumthin when she purred over to the front of the tank on her side-fins where she would hold station and fix me with her beady eye …


If only fish could talk … she might not be sealed in her tin coffin and buried under the blue angel holly tree in my front garden today —


M-mmm — ‘Aries’ – my birth sign – perhaps a ‘Pisces’ baccy tin would have been more appropriate.

Couldn’t think what to do with her tank until I saw a plant growing in a jar someplace —

terranium 2

I learned a new word that day — ‘terrarium’ — the art of keeping small plants in glass vessels.


So here we have it – built into her former home —


my garden of remembrance for ol’ Angel — may she rest in peace —

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