Call the Coastguard!

09 Mar

It seems to have been a long drawn out winter and I don’t suppose it’s over yet but when I look back it wasn’t all doom and gloom. We had our moments. The teranium wasn’t the success I had hoped for. The mixture of plants in the reconstituted fish tank were a bit of a disaster but three cactus did survive and are now in pride of place on a bookcase in the hall —

cactus 8

The church next door may still be under a spider’s web of scaffolding to allow remedial work to be carried out but the crocus’s in the church green weren’t too bothered and popped up on schedule —

Cactus 1

I got involved in a local drama two or three weeks back when I spotted an old guy waving nonchalantly at me as I drove over Cumston Bridge on Tarrf Water.

Cumston Bridge at high tide —

Cumston Bridge

He was perched on the bird hide roof made famous recently when a wildlife photographer had his  rare ‘Diving Kingfisher’ photo taken there and subsequently circulated in the national daily newspapers.

Might even have been this photo by Alan McFadyen —


I was tempted to wave back but stopped and checked instead. Just as well as his first words heard faintly against the wind were ‘Call the Coastguard!’

The hide upriver from Cumston Bridge at even higher tide —

cactus 2

Turns out he had been doing just that as the rising tide invaded the hut and his mobile phone went down with a flat battery. Unfortunately the Coastguard had got their wires crossed and were searching for him way down the estuary on the other side of town altogether. Not surprising when Emergency Calls are routed through a Liverpool call centre these days.

No worries – a bit of local knowledge had them sorted in jig time – and – unable to persuade the old fella that all he had to do was to wait for the tide to turn – the coastguards waded out through the reed beds and carried him to safety.

A peaceful conversation with the ponies up in Wigwam Country on another day was bliss in comparison —

cactus 4

Even exchanging grunts with an over-friendly pot-bellied pig I met by New Galloway church was less stressful —

pettin the pig

Yes – there have been some fine days out this year already.

Like this one on the Isle of Seil —

cactus seven

and by Dalcairney Falls —


and I’m sure there will be many more to come 🙂



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