Honda Pan European ST1100

16 Mar

Pan 1Its that time again – the Pan has been sitting under dust covers all winter.

She’s a big heavy bike – I’ve got a birthday coming up this weekend that declares me another year older.

Perceived wisdom says ‘sell the brute’ – you know it makes sense.

But when did ‘sense’ play a part in motorcycling decisions where the heart invariably rules the head.

No worries – she’s gotta go!

The sun is shining – the river bank by the workshop door should give a scenic backdrop.

The Samsung will take a decent photo when everything is in it’s favour.

So – blow the dust off her and get on out there.

Full frontal in the thumbnail for starters and nary a blemish.

Front discs look set for a few years yet —

Pan 6

Clean enough to eat off —

Pan 5

Not a scuff nor oil leak to be seen down the near side —

Pan 3

Mmmm — lookin good —

Pan 2

Nothing that a good polish and clean duster won’t bring up good as new —

Pan 7

After all – she’s only just come of age —

Pan 22

Yup —

Pan 24

She’s got the key of the door —

Pan 22

never been twenty one before —

Pan 33

Original cases —

Pan 23

all lock with the same key —

Pan 32

and ofcourse there’s two original keys and toolkit with the bike —

Pan 9

Never been raced or rallied Sir —

Pan 11

and at under thirty thousand miles she’s barely run in —

Pan 12

Why am I selling ???

Pan 14

Y’know —

Pan 13

the more I look at her —

Pan 17

from every angle —

Pan 30

The more I ask myself —

Pan 35

that self- same question —

Pan 21

It would be hard to find another like her —

Pan 16

best put her back in the shed then Danny Boy 🙂

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