Spring Solstice

22 Mar

Spring has sprung –

cairn acalthough you wouldn’t know it to look at my seed potatos.

There is nary a fresh shoot on my King Edwards!

It’s 22nd March in the old Druid calendar – the day of the Spring Solstice and the sun touched the western horizon at bang on at 1800 hours —

But – I’m ahead of mesel as usual.

First we had to get up there while it was still daylight and mark the spot where we would take the photo straight down the centre line of the stones the Druids placed there thousands of years ago.

H is in charge —

cairn c

Looks like an untidy jumble of rocks from where I’m standing —

Cairn ab

But – my little druid was bang on as usual – it’s six o’clock in the evening and here comes the sun —

Cairn b

straight down the middle just as it touched the horizon —

cairn ad

Had to be quick —

Cairn a

because two minutes later the sun was gone 🙂



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