North Harbour – Ayr

26 Mar

Ayr 6What do u do on a wet Easter Saturday?

Slip across the road to the fair in the church hall — or —

jump in the sardine can and make a rare expedition over the hills to Ayr.

To be more specific – to North Harbour Motorcycles the Honda dealer.

We were not alone for when we arrived there we found —

Ayr 16

the NHS Emergency Rider Volunteer Service bikes which as the name suggests provide with their riders an emergency medical transport service in Scotland —

Ayr 5

The local Fire Service were in attendance too —

Ayr 2

likewise the polis —

Ayr 4

Thought ‘at least be a national emergency’ but there were no newsmen with TV cameras in tow -so —

I had a butchers at the new Africa Twin —


while H raided the clothing mall — ‘does my bum look big in this’ —

Ayr 11

and became a naturlised Scot so she could wear this bonnie lid —

Ayr 17

a steal at £79.99. The paint job alone could cost three times as much on an Aria.

Then the MSX125 got a test ride around the mall —

Ayr 9

While I made my getaway in the Knockhill Racing Circuit ‘Q’ car —

Ayr 3

H held the plod at bay with her cannon —

Ary 1

then set ‘Chum’ onto a harmless passing hoodie —


before spending the rest of the afternoon wishing she had a roof on her garret —


Well – what did you do on a wet Easter Saturday 🙂



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