Can’t See the Wood fir the Trees

27 Mar

One of those Sundays.

Clatteringshaws 5

The forecasters were talking about high winds and thunderstorms. Makes me wonder where they get their information from.

Clatteringshaws 1

If they weren’t so busy trying to become ‘personalties’ and garner invites to perform in Strictly Come Dancing we might get a forecast that bears some relation to what actually transpires on the day.

Clatteringshaws 2

Nuff said — ‘H’ performed sterling duty with her camera in the woody bits around the loch —

Clatteringshaws 3

where we visited the Iron Age log hut – must be made of good stuff to last this long —

Clatteringshaws 6

It comes complete with running water —

Clatteringshaws 7

and sunlit views to the loch —

Clatteringshaws 4

It’s great to have such beauty right on our doorstep —

Clatteringshaws 10

and I am only too pleased to be able to point out —

Clatteringshaws 8

the weather forecasters have got it wrong again 🙂


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