Apple Crumble

30 Mar

Bramley applesMy old mum would have laughed if she had seen my attempts at making apple crumble for the first time earlier today.

With four boys in the family we were wild chiels – more likely to be found roaming the countryside looking for bird’s nests and other interesting stuff than spending time with her in the ‘cottar hoos’ kitchen.

Meals back in those days at the end of the war were rough and ready affairs consisting in the main of tatties and oatmeal. Meat when it landed on your plate was boiled brisket from the soup pot – mostly gristle – yukk!

The memory of it still makes me boke!

Pudding – if we were lucky – was a ‘cloutie dumplin’ at Christmas. Sometimes with a silver sixpence hidden amongst the sutannas and raisins. You can imagine the jealous glowers that caused around the table if it turned up on your plate.

Apple crumble recipeWeel mum — it was my turn to try my hand at making  ‘pudding’ today. Baking isn’t one of my strong points – anything involving flour is a mystery to me.

I put my head in the noose a couple of weeks ago when I peeled and boiled  a couple of bramley apples. Many would have cooked ’em in water but I had found the remains of a good Chilean rose’ in my fridge so in went a careless splash from that instead.

No doubt the subsequent jeely jar of bramley/rose’ mix would have remained in my fridge gathering a friendly crust of mould till Christmas had ‘H’ not e-mailed me her ancient recipe for apple crumble.

Not much info there then but at least it gave me an idea where to start and I’m not much good at following recipes anyway.


Didn’t look too bad at all when it came out the oven — and even better —


in my pudding bowl with a generous dollop of Creme’ Fraiche’ 🙂


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