Top of the Hill

22 Apr

One thing about Dumfries & Galloway – you don’t have to climb far to be on top of the hill – especially in the thirty mile coastal stretch between Castle Douglas and Newton Stewart —

Spyre 1

There are still remnants of the stakes which held the salmon nets at various river mouths but they serve more as backdrops for photographers now that the salmon have all but disappeared from our rivers.

I was more interested in the driftwood but this piece is so heavy it would need to be rolled into the water and floated home – I loved the rough grain in it though —

Spyre 3

Tempting as it was to stay on this sandy beach in the sun – the hills won out and we followed the Spyreburn as it tumbled over the rocks and through the trees on the lower slopes —

Spyre 4

before draining the muddy pastures further up with the local ‘Belties’ grazing contentdedly on one side —

spyre 2

and a couple of frisky Continental Reds giving us the ‘eye’ on the other —

Spyre 5

All too soon we were on the top of the hill at a smidgeon over 1140ft with only a few hundred hardy blackface ewes and their lambs for company and it was time to look back over the lower slopes —

Tops 2

Wonderful views in every direction —

tops 1

Days like this make it worthwhile getting out of bed in the morning —

Tops 3

Magic 🙂


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