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Whirlybirds are Go!

One of those days again — the weather forecast was for rain – sleet and snow!

How wrong can those guys be? We decided to rise above ’em when Lady H said —

‘Bugger the bike – let’s get Robbie out’ —


So out came the Robinson 44 – all the way to Hartside Biker’s Cafe twixt Penrith and Alston where a few hardy souls had ignored the forecast and arrived on two wheels —


Hard to blame ’em —


Who needs a helicopter when we can have views like this across the Lake District direct from the patio —


In fact we could see best part of sixty miles – over Carlisle and all the way down the Solway Firth to Dumfries and Douglas’s Cairn on the 569mts high Criffel Hill – zip past that on the seaward side – dodge the live firing on the Military Range – flick a right up the Dee estuary to the Water of Tarrf and we are home —


Idea! Time to give the Lady H her CBT in Robbie – just need to strap her in – fire her up —


feet on the pedals – two hands on the stick – Stand Well Clear! –

and point her on her way —


Well I hope you didn’t think I’m daft enough to sit in there beside her —


even if I did see her kiss the Buddha for luck in her front garden this morning before we set off 🙂

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