Green Fingers

25 Apr

I don’t claim to have green fingers – nor do I claim to have an encyclopedic knowledge of plants – I leave that to my elder brother who served his time with Laing & Mather in Kelso who were entitled to carry the Royal Standard above their door as Seedsmen to the Queen.


But I was reared in farming by a stickler for protocol in my father and something must have rubbed off for my wee garden out front looks healthy despite the slow start to the year —


The holly bush I planted is into her fourth year – she may be a slow starter but I’m sure if left to her own devices she will grow into a fine tree in years to come —



This aggressive tree – just like everthing else in the plot is less than four years old and should it survive the severe pruning I gave it a few days ago will continue to flourish front and centre. I have to watch as the greenfly love her when the sap begins to flow from the new growth.

The tulips are a surprise as I can’t remember them being so prolific last year – perhaps they breed on the quiet —


The fossilised dinosaur egg is less of a surprise as it followed me from my old home just round the corner – she looks rather fetching in that shade of blue I think —


There is plenty going on out there while we are waiting for the egg to hatch —


even the hostas look healthy and free from frost damage —


and I am delighted to see that my tender White Feather variety has survived the predators and my hoe to burst forth for another season —


To top it all my secret drill of King Edwards won’t remain a secret for long as I spotted their leaves poking through today. I quickly pulled more soil over them to keep ’em safe from prying eyes and Jackie Frost but that won’t keep ’em in check for more than a day or two 🙂


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