Legions on the March

28 Apr

A fortunate decision to ‘follow the blue sky’ route at the Newton Stewart roundabout on the A75 trunk route saw us safely esconced on a sunlit Mull of Galloway yesterday —


from where on a sheltered beach we could gather pretty pebbles on the East Tarbet shore —


and safely watch the legions of rain – hail – snow and snot march down from the north over the Galloway hills and across the Irish Sea to the Isle of Man and the Lakeland mountains —


and when it all got too much for us there was the cafe by the lighthouse for a magnificent macaroni and chip lunch and a sheltered change of view over the windy side —


We were ready for that lunch as we had stopped on the way down to walk through the pine forest at Torr’s of Summat to the beach at the head of Luce Bay but had become hopelessly lost and didn’t actually find the sea. Discretion won the day when we strayed into flooded territory and were confronted by military warning signs threatening death and destruction if we crossed the line.


No worries – after retracing our steps – with difficulty – through fallen pines – briar and gorse we found a track that took us back to the car past feeding cattle who went for a paddle in the nearby mudhole as we approached —


Back in the carpark we found we had timed it just right for the saintly ‘Old Lady who Lives in a Shoe’ was there to feed her wild birds with normally cautious woodpeckers amongst others which were virtually pecking seeds from her fingertips —


A dead ringer for Francis of Assisi – she treats all living things as equals (with the exception of destructive hooligan youths who destroy her feeders) I repeat – all living things including ‘Blackie’ the monster fat rat who defied the ‘killer stare’ of the old dog and definitely got more than his share of the pies – as equals.


A charming old lady – they don’t make ’em like that any more. It did the heart good to meet and chat with her and added to our wonderful day out on the Rhinns of Galloway —


where every turn can hold a surprise as we found when we came off the bare hilltops and back to the shore on our way home through a sunlit – bluebell lined avenue of bare trees.


An added bonus was that my secret drill of tatties had been well watered by the wild storms in my absence and I didn’t have to get the watering can out when I eventually arrived there 🙂



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