The Road to The Isles

09 Aug

‘The Road to the Isles’ — our move has been made  …


H and I moved into our new island home earlier this month — tidal race aside the crossings were made on calm water with the icing on the cake being a sight of my first proper otter in the wild —

Bards - ferry

But — conditions can change by the hour —

Bard - spray

‘Home’ is a refurbished farmhouse — built over one hundred years ago but now featuring picture windows and ‘proper heating plus insulation and all mod-cons in abundance —

Bards - view

Our nearest neighbours keep an eye on things from the surrounding hillsides — all eleven of ’em — plus the few shy ones hiding in the bracken.

So long as they stay shy as they can frighten the life out of a body when you come on them unexpectedly —

Bard - bulls

I can pick ure food parcels up from the mail-box at the bottom of the lane so don’,t be shy —

Bards - post

and despite the fact I managed to keep clean-ish on cold showers for the first week and we won’t have our own phone line till the end of August all is set fair on the good ship from-a distance —

Bards - pond

It’s no coincidence that the sheltered haven in front of our windows is known as the ‘Pond’. A safe anchorage for passing yachts when the weather changes it’s mind as it frequently does —

Bards - lifebelt

and seas get rough as well they might with the notorius Corrievrekan and Grey Dogs passages barking on our very door steps 🙂

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