It’s Behind You

02 Sep

I knew we were taking on a big garden at our new home on the island but didn’t realise just how big it was till I pulled a few rusting old fences out where the wire had been swallowed up by twenty-thirty years growth of trees. Getting rid of the old fences let me in with my new brushcutter/strimmer to cut out the growth of nettles, brambles and bracken that had infested the perimeter and let me create our very own Ha-Ha as the wall disappears at the bottom of the garden to give a six to eight feet terrace effect with views to infinity —

gardener's world 3

Well there certainly is now since I brought out my chainsaw and pollarded the trees blocking the view – something that obviously hadn’t been done for many years. With all that ever changing natural beauty spread out across the Sound of Luing I can’t help but wonder why I bothered potting up some of my favourite plants from my previous home and carting them north —

Gardener's World

Don’t look now gaffer but the best view is behind you 🙂




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