Sharing Scarba with Danny Long Legs

07 Sep

When I looked out my window over the pond earlier this morning all was pretty grey with Scarba hidden under it’s bank of cloud —


Panning to the west towards Lunga – the Garvellocks and Colonsay saw little improvement —


But an hour or so later (which was spent frustratingly on the phone to BT in an attempt to have my internet service improved) did however see an improvement in the weather.

Who knows – if things carry on like this Danny Long Legs and I might see the whole of Scarba peep through it’s cap of clouds before the day is out —


Miracles do happen but I very much doubt if even the wonders of BT will bring back this much sunlight for Danny and I over Fladda lighthouse today 🙂


20.15 — time for a quick edit and update —

Scarba with it’s white cap on – this was the best we had all day. Danny might have been transfixed by the view and glued to the window —


but I tore myself away from BT biz long enough to kick up my chain saw and do a bit more pruning and planting in the garden —

and – just as light fell – Scarba lost his hat!


This bodes well for tomorrow for their is a saying in these parts – ‘if Scarba has his hat on it is sure to rain’ 🙂

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