Toad of Toad Hill

08 Sep

Yesterday – while I was busy taking my moody shots of Scarba from a front window and becoming equally moody as I wrestled with a BT off-shoot manning a telephone in the Indian hinterland over my internet situation – she who knows best had wandered off to explore the depths of an old slate quarry at nearby Cullipool.

At least her photos came out clearer than mine so I have borrowed some for my Post.


She is a brave girl or foolhardy – take your pick —


Got nice nails though – for a miner —


In actual fact she is showing off a speck of pyrites in the slate stone – or fool’s gold – which she stumbled over on the nearby beach.

It may be a slate quarry but it certainly wasn’t all grey stone slabs. Here we have a ‘slate spider’ using a colourful column of basalt to anchor his web —


Orange basalt – it probably wasn’t what the workers wanted to see when their livlihoods depended on slate but it does make a welcome addition for the camera to many a grey stone slab around the quarry —


I’ve got vertigo already and I’m just sat in front of my laptop – gotta ask myself if this girl in the boots is safe to let loose on her own —


Ahh – back on terra firma! The rock lichen is another welcome addition to the otherwise sombre matt grey and ofcourse the emerald green leaves of the namless plant help frame an unusual centrepiece —


And if we look closely we find the custodian of Cullipool Slate Quarry —


Toad of Toad Hill – there he is front and centre —


Wake up my little friend – by tomorrow morning you will have been seen all around the world – and guess what?

She even came home with the shot of Scarba with his hat on that I wished I had taken —


No worries – H was good enough to show me a trick with the camera that should improve my shots so perhaps I won’t have to go poaching her’s in future 🙂

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