Ferry – the Lifeblood of Luing —

15 Sep

Not exactly a Gerry and the Pacemaker’s number but on a day like we had here on Tuesday the view across the water to Seil was certainly worth singing about —


Home alone this week but not for long as Nancy and Gordon from Troon stopped by on one of their forays to the Western Isles. Ooops – did I forget Poppy the wire-haired wee dachsie? How could I – she never stopped running all day and I will be in trouble for not taking her photo.


Come to think of it – I didn’t take any photos till our walk was over and my visitors were on their way home. Maybe this one will do – the ferry isn’t the only thing that crosses this narrow stretch of water as the tall pylon front and centre carries the electricity power lines and round about that same point I spotted what I took to be the mains water pipeline coming ashore. Couldn’t be easy to anchor the latter considering the strong tides that  flow on this stretch — no worries – I’m sure Scottish Water have thought of that. More important are the peaks on the horizon – they are on the Isle of Mull where my guests are heading on Wednesday.

Better not hold ’em up —


Must have been something I said for there they are at the front of the queue —


Never seems to be much room when you are the driver but the efficient two person crew usually find space for four or five cars on their busy little ferry. It’s not often anyone is left behind and with ‘H’ on her way home tomorrow afternoon I had better make sure we don’t 🙂



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