Bull’s Eye or Ribeye —

20 Sep

Walk in any direction from our house and it’s odds on that you will meet a Red Luing bull —


or even five – maybe more —


They look quite placid from a distance and have been co-operative with my camera lens so far —


Just as well really cos this well-muscled fella and his identical mates must weigh about a ton apiece – and that’s only weighing one bollock — correction — bullock at a time —


Our ‘H’ here on the road home with her new doggie pal – weigh’s in about eight n half stone soaking wet —


but I know which one will land on our barbie if things get out of hand around here 🙂


I built the barbie pit using stones I unearthed from the long grass and weeds in our garden in the first few weeks we were here after clattering them with our new Honda strimmer and Subaru lawn mower which knocked seven bells out of me if not the machinery.

Must admit I’m pleased with my choice —


The fourstroke Honda strimmer runs like a dream – is well ballanced and since changing to a better quality of cutting line she has been the perfect tool that no real man should be without.

When it came to chosing a mowing machine I confess I would have liked a Honda but they were priced too high. The Huskvarna almost got the nod instead but failed. One week later I was back in town and bought the Subaru engined Ryobi from Homebase complete with triple Nectar points. Not the Subaru flat four from their rally car as driven by the late and great Colin Macrae unfortunately but a robust 190cc single cyl fourstroke boasting chain driven overhead cams – I read it in an American report somewhere 🙂


H n I had fallen in love with the house and view but hadn’t really thought as far as making something of the garden so it was quite a shock to find myself in Oban in her absence last month where l was getting tooled up with expensive new gear. I didn’t find it easy to put my hand in my pocket again – much easier to justify the shellout if it had been another motorbike or quadbike coming home.

But – I know from past experience that gardening on a slope can be hard work without the right tools and it was all I could do to stop myself buying a sturdy new half-price rotovator to add to collection. I settled for a hand swung mattock instead – I’m sure H will love it.

A similar tool was the weapon of choice of my Hausa farming friends in peace and in war during my sojourn in the northern Nigerian bush many years ago when they were under siege by the Fulani cattle drovers from Niger so I know how useful the mattock can be.

It splits heads as easily as it digs roots —


Got side-tracked there – diddle eye – makes me realise the garden is worth a Post or two on it’s own as I go along. Wish I had taken ‘before’ n ‘after’ pics.

Have a pic of one of the Corrievrekan whirlpools instead sourced from some unknown photographer — I would feel safer close-up to one of my Luing bulls —


Time and tide waits for no man and we have been too busy to light the barbie since coming to this lovely spot seven weeks ago. If nothing else the rough stonework forms a welcome windbreak when the gales blow strong up the Sound of Luing past the mouths of the infamous Corrievrekan and the Grey Dog passages either end of the neighbouring Isle of Scarba.

No worries –  back to safer territory —


one of these fine days there could be a couple of nice rib-eye steaks sizzling on our barbie 🙂


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