Sid Shubunkin moves to Luing

26 Sep

Sid Shubunken our Japanese goldfish flitted to Luing two months ago with his jar wedged in a cardboard box beside his mum’s feet up front on the floor of the Sprinter —.

Bards - ferry

We were fortunate to get a calm day for the crossing and Sid arrived on the Isle of Luing without a drop of water being spilt and just like the plants we brought with us he is bursting with health in our new surroundings —


If he grows any more we will have to transfer him to a bigger hoos —


I had to feed him for ten days or so recently while ‘H’ was galivanting and it’s the first time I’ve been bossed around by a fish!


Every time he caught sight of me he would be up there with his bug eyes staring and big mouth giving me verbals.


He must have been giving lessons to Jenny Wren who lives in the stone wall by the kitchen door —


for she gave poor ‘H’ a right old shellacking as she went out to do a spot of gardening this afternoon 🙂

Sid Shebunken moves to Luing

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