Border Scone – Cobblers n All

05 Oct

This post was supposed to be about the new border Helen and Barney Rubble created yesterday from old rocks – slate and odd bricks picked out of our garden —


Somehow H had managed to stowaway a vast selection of plants and cuttings from her old home into our already over-loaded car so Barney here felt oblidged to clear a space in our new garden for a few of them. Doesn’t look like much but an old tree root had to come out along with a barrow load of weeds before construction could commence and somehow we didn’t get round to baking bread for next day’s brekkie – Doh!

Next day arrived and the bread tin is as empty as Barney’s belly! Brainwave – let’s see if a fresh attempt at making a breakfast scone would be any more successful than previous lame attempts —


Magic! Thanks to Jamie Oliver’s Cobbler recipe with a subtle twist H has created the perfect scone to go with my bramble jam from last year —



A great start to the day and just as well for down there at the bottom of the garden I have another stubborn old tree root to dig out this morning and replace it with the lovely Damson Tree we bought from Ardkinglass Tree Shop at the head of Loch Fyne on the way home from our raid south at the weekend —


So there we have it – our lovely damson tree – staked and tied in a bow thanks to a pair of old tights (not mine!) to help keep it upright when the storm force winds blow up the Sound —


and another busy day at Bardrishaig draws to a stunning close —


No worries re- empty bellys in the morning for we learned our lesson and stopped work in time to bake the perfect loaf this evening 🙂


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