Lord of the Manor

11 Oct

As Lord of the Manor this fella deserves better photographs but he caught us unprepared on our way to sketch a vista on t’other side of the island when he appeared standing proudly on a prominent bank overlooking the ‘nerve centre’ of the island —


By the time we had found a camera which turned out to be my old Cannon Powershot from the door pocket of the Yeti he was offski — we determindly gave chase —


If you could call a couple of seasoned travellers against the pace of a Red Deer Stag a ‘chase’ —


But to be honest – he wasn’t particularly bothered and kept things honest – stopping a few times to pose for a picture until finally he’d had enough messing about and disappeared over the hill —


Once we had regained our composure and our breathing had returned to normal we checked the camera. Blow Me! I last used the Powershot indoors and hadn’t changed the setting – well that’s my excuse for the poor shots.

No worries – I do find landscapes easier. I don’t have to chase them and I’m well pleased with this one I took just a few hundred yards up the road with views into the Seil Sound —


Just as I hit the button an enormous hawk flew over and parked itself nonchalantly way up on the hillside above us – didn’t give us much chance to identify it but the concensus of our opinions said it was either the peregrine falcon which has been very busy here recently or possibly a female Goshawk which is rare in these parts.

Here she is front and centre – the best we could do in the circumstance —


Well that was enough excitement for one day and it was a relief to see Helen settled with her sketchpad at Port Mary Quarry —


with views to Ellenabeich – Easdale Island and Mull —


while I did my beachcomber act over the rocky foreshore —


after I had scoffed my share of the coffee and sannie picnic ofcourse.

As for the red deer stag – we have seen him several times by the crossroads estate housing the Ambulance/Fire Staion/Telephone Exchange and Industrial Buildings since coming to Luing and indeed he spent much of Saturday night on the side of Fairy Knoll – not twenty five metres from our house so he well deserves the title – Lord of the Manor 🙂

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