Mad Cows

12 Oct

Nothing to do with the ‘Mad Cows’ but I just thought I’d tell the tailend of Hurricane Mathew not to bother coming over here cos the roof has already gone off my bike shed —


A shame cos it means my bikes will probably remain down souff till I find cover for them.

No worries – the poor cows down the road have a lot more missing from their lives. All that bellowing and a’hollerin plus angry eyes for the rest of us means their calves have been weaned off the mothers and as you can imagine – the old girls are pretty upset —


Formed a road block they did – then heard a commotion from the t’other lot up the road and set off at speed for a conflab – a very loud conflab —


but – no calves there either —


I feel for them as they are brilliant attentive mothers and the calves had been with them for best part of a year – never far from their mum’s side – I bet they are kicking up a din too.

Wonder what old man Galbraith would have thought of it all but I don’t suppose it was any different in his day. There couldn’t have been work for all his children on the farm so no doubt they moved off the island too —


He lived in our current house and farmed here at Bardrishaig 80 – 90 maybe even 100  years ago and has earned his place in our local museum with his family of eight 🙂


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