The Cloud – a Poem for Today

12 Oct

With the world in a turmoil over one thing and another – with Putin sabre rattling – with Kim Yong-un, President of North Korea looking for an excuse to use his nuclear weapons — with IS turning the clock back to more brutal times and our own not-so-great Britain at the mercy of speculators worldwide over the Brexit debacle this poem written and published today by my partner Helen has a certain resonance.


The Cloud by Helen Thomson —

This world made sad by chaos loud – could learn to take note of the cloud

Skimming sea then climbing high – it’s sultry depths revealing sky

Edged with copper, silver rose – it’s not hard to find the prose

With which to muse upon a hill – admiring clouds unearthly skill

At showing just a glimpse of blue – that wonderful, elusive hue

A glimpse of Peace beyond the pale – to strive for NOW, on the scale

of escalating earthly matters – it’s earth, not cloud that lies in tatters

The cloud that yearned the land to crown – can only, now, look down and frown


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