Cullipool Capers

16 Oct

Cullipool Capers – can’t think of a better description of our Birthday Weekend. We ‘glammed up’ Saturday night and went off down the Atlantic Centre in Cullipool for venison pie and chips. Scrumptious!

Chef Archie had the stewpot on a low peep for forty eight hours which tenderised the often disappointing venison and the sauce with it’s red wine and mystery herb flavouring tasted like the best gravy on the planet. All it needed was the lighter than air pastry topping and a few crispy chips and we had a feast.No doubt the perfect bottle of New Zealand – Savignon Blanc helped things along but and it didn’t leave us with the ‘heavy head’ next morning that a red wine can administer.

We didn’t exactly rise with the larks this morning but we were up and away early enough to be at the Trig Point marking the highest ‘top’ on Luing by eleven o’clock —


Yes I’m a happy bunny – my knee has been giving me gip since our move to the island – no doubt due to the removal which for the main part we did ourselves with the help of a few friends. The heavy work of bringing the big garden back to some sort of life isn’t the kindest thing I’ve done to my joints either so it was with not a little trepidation that I set out from our door this morning on what for most would be a simple stroll to the top of the hill.

Fit as a fiddle H was able to stand on one leg when she got there – not sure why but who knows how a woman’s mind works —


The views were spectacular to every point of the compass.

Over the old quarry workings to Mull —-


and also across the neat rows of old slate worker’s cottages of Cullipool – to Fladda Lighthouse and outlying islands stretching all the way to Colonsay in the distance —


Just another magic day in this lovely part of the world —


I’m pleased to say that with the aid of walking poles the knee joint took me all the way round our walk without too much trouble.

I guess there must be a touch of lubricating oil in that Kiwi plonk 🙂


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