Bargain Shopping in Oban

21 Oct

Thursday – the day for bargains in the new Oban Lidl. I came home with a large – brand spanking new compressor instead of the groceries from there a couple of weeks ago for sixty five quid using Helen’s fiver off coupon.

Now a bargain is only a bargain if you have a use for the booty and I have little doubt that my compressor will stay in it’s box alongside the bench grinder – engineer’s vice and washing machine in the utility room till H stamps her tiny size four feet – or – I get a workshop.


There was to be no bargain machinery bought on this trip. Leaving bare cupboards behind and having a free hand to clear the Lidl shelves I came home with a mountain of food for the same amount of dosh I had spent on my shiny new compressor. It was amazing just how much went into the rear of the Yeti – probably enough to keep us chomping for the next two weeks – or more —


Shopping done – coffee’s savoured – time to visit Ganavan Sands where I marched to as a ten years old Boy Scout from our camp on Kerrera Island back in 1952. The pleasant sandy beach is much as I remembered it but the concrete pad and tin tea shack by the jetty are gone. In their place is an extremely upmarket housing estate consisting of grand houses and luxury apartments – all very desirable if you are into that sort of thing.


The views are to the Island of Lismore – the entrance to the Sound of Mull and even a glimpse of the fabled Glensanda Granite Quarry in a mountain top beyond Loch Linnhie. By the roadside ruined Dunollie Castle perches precariously on it’s volcanic plug foundations —


Shopping in Oban proved to be no hardship and it’s time to head home with the plunder.

The view from around the SYA Hostel and lighthouse down the Sound of Kerrera which we crossed in a tiny boat as boy scouts to our summer camp all those years ago —


Helen was busy as ever with her camera on the return leg and I have her to thank for the photos on today’s post.

The sheltered moorings by Balvicar on the Isle of Seil looked particularly safe in the late October afternoon sun —


Better still – after a short ferry crossing of a tide swept Cuan Sound – the safe moorings in the northern end of Luing island with the Grey Dog in particular resplendant with it’s new paintjob glistening —


Home in time to re-stock the shelves and admire another picturesque sunset from our garden at Bardrishaig —


I think we need another excuse to go to town —


Well – we did see a piece of secondhand furniture for sale in the craft shop that would really add to our comfort by the fire of an evening and match the colour of the alcove perfectly – a bargain then at fifty quid 🙂

Quick Edit Two Days Later:

With thoughts of sofas figuring high there was nothing else for it but to head back to Oban to collect our prize on Saturday morning – if we can call catching the 12 noon ferry still morning.

Another careful measuring session of the load space in the Yeti suggested that we had an outside chance of squeezing said sofa into the back. An over-helpful volunteer loading assistant made sure it went in by ramming his twenty stones behind it then slamming the tailgate shut accompanied by much muttering of brutality on my part.


Once home – prising the thing back out of the motor asn’t so easy but H n I made it without further mishap. A quick look underneath when we got it indoors confirmed my worst suspicions that our ‘helpful hasty 20 stone loading assistant’ may have been the previous owner of the sofa as the central seat support frame had somehow been broken out leaving a botched repair!

Not for nothing did Helen train as a designer at one of England’s finest furniture manufacturer’s down in the Cotswolds – it took only a matter of minutes to decide how to fixit – giving me the perfect excuse to bring out my tools and get stuck in.

Saturday night in front of the fire —


has just become a whole lot comfier 🙂

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