Scramblers V Bobbers

22 Oct

Scramblers and Bobbers are all the rage in the motorcycling world at the moment – particularly with European manufacturers who are trying to steal some of the big American market where Harley Davidson continue to hold a massive chunk of the considerable sales – 30% at last count – with their too heavy – too slow – too old fashioned if very stylish models —.

But it’s a cult thing in the Bobber market. Even if it sounds like an old Fordson tractor it’s all part of the ‘mystique’.

Let’s see how it goes —

The rider seems happy with it. He would be having just spent best part of ten grand on his new toy.

Time to see what Triumph UK have to offer —

Instead of Harley style in-line ‘V’ twin motor they wrap their considerable amount of iron around their ‘old’ but modern parallel twin motor – versions of which have been around since I was a boy.

Cool biker’s have been building these things out of standard street bikes for many many years – something that has lately been realised by the manufacturers who are now bringing the style to the masses who don’t have access to hacksaws and welding torches – or wouldn’t want to get there stylish jeans grease-stained in any case.

Must admit I have a soft spot for the Italian Moto Guzzi version of the Bobber design – although I do admit to getting bored with the vid. Havn’t got time to find a better one as I did promise to go to town and I hear the breakfast dishes rattling in the sink and the little feet stomping —

bet cool bobber ridering dudes don’t suffer this sort of thing 🙂


Thanks to Triumph for emailing me the vid that kickstarted this Post andto YouTube for their’ sharing’ service.


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