Roe Deer Raiders

23 Oct

Just when I thought I’d seen the prettiest girls on the island dressed in their Oktoberfest costumes on Friday night – I woke this Sunday morning to find the bonniest of all right on my doorstep —


An elbow in the ribs and a subdued stage whisper from H had me bleary eyed by the window at daybreak. She had spotted the doe grazing above the wall on fresh green shoots where I had cleared the bracken with my new brushcutter a few weeks ago and with phone camera to hand was clicking away quietly —


as she crept from bathroom window to bedroom —


For the buck had appeared in our precious garden – scene of so much toil and no little expense these past few weeks —


It was only then that it began to dawn on me —


that instead of spending fifty quid on hedging plants yesterday —


in an effort to protect next year’s veggies from the prevailing winds —


we should have followed the lead of the Luing cattlemen —


and invested in an electric fence instead 🙂


Thanks to Helen for the photos and if I get off my butt and dig in those puny hedgeing plants she might even email across one of the four videos she shot in the hour we watched the roe deer roam the garden as if it was their very own.

Which it probably was prior to our arrival at Bardrishaig 🙂

Oh-Ohh! Bambi has just become that bl**dy deer!

H has noticed he has nipped over thirty buds off her favourite late flowering rose by the kitchen door!

He better be careful or he might be called ‘Venison’ by Christmas 🙂


C’mon Bambi – time to scarper and don’t dare nibble the young oak sapling hiding in the chimney pot as you go.

Which reminds me – I still have to fix the protective netting round the top of the chimney pot. Having seen how her fearless buck can decimate a garden in jig time I had better work on our defences ASAP 🙂




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