Silverback shoots to Kill

27 Oct

silverback-2Oh my goodness! I get more like one of my ol’ silverback pals from the African hill country every day!

All I need to do is take off my bunnet wi’ the toorie and I’m there.

orange-4Best give Clyde a spade and put him to work beside me – although I’m ahead of the target I had set.

I’m so far ahead of myself I’ve even been looking at advertson the internet for poly-tunnels to get an early planting season under way.

Best not to get too carried away though.

This October may have been really mild – in fact the grass is still growing here on Luing as if it was Spring but I’m told by the local soothsayers ‘it won’t last’.

There’s little chance of the work slowing down either with the gaffer I’ve got!

But —

so long as Clyde doesn’t get carried away and pull the trigger on his Colt 44 I reckon I will have completed my digging all on my own —


and – reached the bottom of the hill by Christmas 🙂

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Posted by on October 27, 2016 in Isle of Luing


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