The ‘V’ Sign

02 Nov

The ‘V’ Sign – do I mean ‘V’ as in the magnificent Avro Vulcan bombers which were stationed on Lincolnshire airfields at a time when I had reason to be in that part of the UK. They were a stunning sight in flight – appearing to be so slow that it was a wonder they stayed airborne and yet the same aircraft had no defence against attack other than sheer speed and the supposed ability to fly at greater alititude than the enemy.


Or – was it the ‘V’ as in the ‘very nice’ day we had for our walk yesterday. Morning arrived so bright – it was the first day since the clock’s were put back for ‘winter time’ at the weekend that I have felt like jumping out of bed and heading for the hills. And head for the hills we did —


The ‘V’ in ‘View’ springs to mind – climbing to one of the highest points on the Isle of Luing we were spoiled for choice with a 360 degree panorama unfolding around us – but – the View to Easdale and Mull is always worth a second click —


M-mmm – that elusive ‘V’ – could it be my reply to Mightymouse when she gave me the ‘hurry up’ call from the top of the hill —


Judging by this pic it could well have been – but it wasn’t – I wouldn’t be so rude 🙂


especially with lunch waiting out of the wind just over the top —


No – this is the ‘V’ we’ve all been waiting for.

The first skien of geese from the Arctic Circle flew over just as we sat down. On their way to Islay – they skirted to the west of Scarba and Jura in formation behind a leader who had obviously flown this route many times before.

A perfect ‘V’ —


A shape in flight that has stood the test of time in goose life in particular and for a brief period in our own as the now retired Vulcan was the last line of defence carrying a constant airborne deterrent during the Cold War from mid-fifties through to the eighties.


A role now undertaken by the Polaris submarine based but a few miles away as tempers rise once more in the wider world.

It all seems so far from the peaceful hills of Luing – let’s hope it stays that way 🙂

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