Shergar Found on Luing?

03 Nov

This is never going to be one of those stories with the happy ending that reads ‘Shergar alive and well and living in a retirement home on the Isle of Luing.

But —

Could this really be the famous racehorse supposedly hi-jacked by the IRA thirty odd years ago? The bones were found by a walker about two weeks ago after an exceptionally high tide fuelled by a following gale force wind up the Sound of Luing had washed the remains onto wild grassland above a nearby beach.

The beachcomber has only now come forward to claim their reward.


Stranger things have happened and while the world’s experts and media rush to catch the first ferry to the Isle of Luing tomorrow morning where they will attempt to verify the story – Shergar’s former groom was quoted in the Telegraph as saying – ‘aye – he was a fine horse’.

Dr. Clueless of Aiberdeen Uni – a specialist in old bones – has been sent a sample from the skeleton for tasting.

Results are expected soon.

The finder of the skeletal head – who wishes to remain anonymous – has revealed another important discovery close to some ancient ruins in the hills less than a mile from here.


Could it be the very jawbone of the ass that Samson used to slay his thousand Philistines in Lehi? – Judges 15 :15 —– fingerprint experts from Lehi are on their way.

Watch this space …… …… ….. ….


Breaking news from Dr Clueless at his seat on the loo at Aiberdeen Uni –

He says – ‘it tastes mair like mutton ‘— ‘it will be them clowns from Herriot Watt Agriculturral College doon in Edinburru – they tried tae clone a bone from Shergar wi Dolly the sheep tae corner the market in Sheep Racin’



Ah shouldnae hae let slip that sheep racin  wis to be included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Programme when I met the Heriot Watt Dominie at thon Seminar at St Andrews

Thank you Dr Clueless – we do hope you get well soon 🙂


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