Crack Open the Champers

06 Nov

Yup – let the champagne flow! I never expected to see this photo til well into 2017.

Our vegetable plot from top to bottom —


and back up again —


I even gave church a miss this morning to make the most of the unexpected sunshine and finish it – but – ‘god loves a trier’.

OK – so I made that last bit up – but – no worries – I take no chances and put a foot in both camps when I planted our Standing Stone —




This has been the toughest ‘dig’ I ever took on – in fact I almost bought a deisel powered rotavator along with my new mower and strimmer when we arrived here three months ago. It’s four years since I came out of hospital – after a further four visits to a specialist for more poking and cutting and now kicking 75 I didn’t think I would ever regain my strength and fitness.

Crook knee apart – the old body is coming back together and the clear fresh of Bardrishaig coupled with the ‘feel good’ factor derived from this gardening challenge is playing a big part in my recovery.

So – I stuck with my spade and trusty mattock to dig up the whole 100 square metres. Docks with roots as thick as my wrist – nettles and brambles with roots to the shore and back and to cap it all that bloody line of tree stumps down the side have roots that feel their way right across the plot!


Standing stone at the top and damson tree at the bottom. Thoughts at this stage are wildflower sown in small sections top and bottom undersown with grass seed leaving plenty room for potatos and other root veg for the pot.


Robbie our resident Robin has helped me all the way through and aproves of our damson tree – the first we hope of many fruit trees and bushes in that area – roe deer permitting.


The bob-tailed beggars are already treating our new hedge shrubs – which we hope will one day form a wind break – as their verry own buffet to graze along.


No doubt they will develop a taste for a good brew as well if we can establish our tea plantation up in the drier top half of the plot.


No worries – it will give the venison a nice flavour when he eventually oversteps the mark and lands on my dinner plate 🙂




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