Hansel and Gretel on the Loose

07 Nov

hansel-2We had an earlier than usual start this we didn’t want to be caught in our PJ’s if the visiting electrician arrived on Luing by the first ferry.

First glimpse out the side window saw us catch a picture of Hansel and Gretel – our roe deer neighbours by the gate as they sauntered away ‘home’ after a nocturnal visit to our garden.

No doubt they see it as their garden as by all accounts the house lay empty for a considerable period while a massive refurbishment was carried out giving them free rein to browse as they saw fit.

Thumbnail shows Hansel at the bottom of our garden with one of three huge Simmental bulls in the background.


Sorry about the poor quality photos but I had just dashed around looking for my camera – picked up my phone and crept up the bank trying not to scare them. I have been spotted despite my best efforts to creep up on them and they are soon off in the direction of Fladda Lighthouse. Hansel couldn’t resist a last ‘standoff’ once he was a safe distance away and gave me the ‘hard eye’ for a couple of minutes at least  —


Isn’t he a cocky beggar but I do admire his gallus ways 🙂

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