Hair Today – Bald Tomorrow

10 Nov

It was that sort of day – m’lady had a hair appointment at Oban’s top shop and I had time on my own. But we had to get there first and a clear road – apart from two red cows and a buzzard – had us on the 10.30 ferry by the skin of our teeth.

Clicked from the Cuan Ferry – over Ellanabeich and Easdale Island our first proper snow of the year – thankfully it’s on the Mountains of Mull —


Heading down past Kilinver and Loch Feochan m’lady got her next shot to –

Mull again —


There’s no snow on Luing for now but there is more snow over Kerrera Marina to –

yes – Mull —


With Remembrance Sunday looming Oban has a fine show on it’s newly refurbished seafront which has been carried out at great expense by all accounts and moans in our local Oban Times – but it’s fine by me. The working harbour and waterfront are a pleasure to visit and even now in November with most of the tourists gone it’s great to see that local shops and businesses are still open and to all intents and purposes trading well.


Helen made it in time for her hair appointment – I drove back out of town and bought logs in bulk for a fair price – filling every nook and cranny in the back of the Yeti and still had a couple of hours to kill. You can only spend so much time over a Kronk’s coffee in the sun looking over Horseshoe Bay before the need to explore takes over.

So-o – it was off to check-out the backstreets – ostensibly looking for end-of-season bargains – but in fact – looking for a gents hairdresser – and – finding both.

Black Reiker ‘Dealers’ boots even in my colossal size. I have been looking for something similar for — well – since my last ones wore out. Duly shod or finely shod – it was up the next side street where I stumbled across the Raven Unisex hairdresser shop. What a find! It has been open for about a year. The effervescant owner once cut hair for Royalty!

Well – New Zealand Royalty! Yup – the whole All-Blacks Rugby squad would visit her shop to have their mullets trimmed. Check out her website on Instagram ravenhairstyling — this girl can also build fences – drive tractors – shear sheep – cuss and talk for the nation.

Don’t know how or when it happened but I came out of there wearing something on my head called a ‘fade’ – complete with razor etched parting down one side. No worries when it all grows in I will be back at the Raven for another cut and I don’t care if I come out with a central parting and/or dreadlocks – it was so much fun. For once Helen was waiting for me – but – good sport that she is – came in and joined in the banter.

So much fun – I can’t wait for my hair to grow back.

It was dusk when we reached our Cuan Ferry but not too dark for H to catch what light there was and in time to see the ‘lobster van’ come off —


We just happen to have the biggest lobster pond in Scotland on the wee island across the bay from our front window – but – don’t get any ideas about having a closer look because by all accounts it’s guarded by ex-SAS hombres.


Home in time for tea – what a lovely day out – and – I did remember to compliment H on her new barnet 🙂


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