The Famous Five – Fluff Feathers

11 Nov

We turned into the bottom of our farm lane this afternoon – and – there they were —


Our five hen pheasants – decimated by the local thug of a sparrowhawk only one week ago were all back together. Even tail-end Charlene who we never expected to see again was limping along at the rear minus her tailfeathers.


With the thump I heard when the sparrowhawk hit her on the bank – six or was it seven days ago – I was sure she was a gonner. But – here she is alive and well – sort of – even taking time to peck at fodder from the roadside – unperturbed by the big silver car only a metre from her bare butt.


Charlie – you are a beauty. You fit so well into the dead bracken and old grass on the roadside that there is every chance your nemesis the brute of a sparrowhawk who I see hunting on the next ridge – may fail to spot you.


But don’t take too many chances — only the village cat has nine lives and he hunts up here every morning too 🙂



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