Donald Trumps the Luing Triangle

14 Nov

It has been one of those days weatherwise – wet and muggy with poor visibility. Not the kind of day to walk over the hill to the Trig Point and on to Port Mary Quarry before turning left and coming home via the coastal path and Cullipool village.

But – I hadn’t come home empty handed from all those trips to Oban recently. After hearing many stories about how adverse the weather can be in the winter up here on the west coast I thought some decent wet weather gear was in order. Nancy Black’s ‘Sale’ came along just at the right time. Now I’m easily seen in the gloom in my flourescent yellow hood – but only when it rains. The rest of the time it will be rolled away out of sight in the collar. No – I didn’t take a selfie of me wearing it. I’m not that daft.

A perfect day then to test my new winter clothes. It didn’t seem to take many minutes from my door to the Trig Point on the summit of our hill – probably because it’s not very high above sea level and I’m halfway there before I start – if you know what I mean. The white cairn was lost in the all-enveloping Scotch White Mist but I knew where to look and did touch it before heading off across the dreich hilltop in the direction of Port Mary Quarry.

I think I passed many white sheep in the white-out before coming down out of the clouds just above the quarry —


That was as far north as I was going – a left turn by the seashore had me homeward bound on the coastal path which I hoped to complete for the first time. It was water-logged from surface water spouting off the cliff face above and the surging tide below making it treacherous underfoot in places.


The washed out section was the only one that was really tricky. It is passable at lower stages of the tide by walking along the shore. Today it mean’t a scramble over some slippery rocks but at least H wasn’t there to fall about the place. The mossochist had gone off in some other direction to photograph —– well —- moss I suppose.


She would have found plenty here on these rocks – but it’s probably the wrong kind. You never know with wimmen – they can be so fussy at times – even with something as simple as moss and lichen.


No worries – on a day like this moss to me is just that slippery stuff underfoot and I have enough to concentrate on. Just finding the best way through and trying to keep my camera phone dry in the wet conditions keeps me occupied. This is the longest walk and the wettest day I’ve had since arriving on Luing – suffice to say I really enjoyed it and I’m really pleased with the way my ‘krook’ knee stood up but I best not get too cocky – all it takes is a slip or a twist and I’m struggling again.

The new clobber came through with flying colours – but I was soaking anyway. Today was unseasonably warm for November which possibly accounts for the Scotch Mist and I was soaking with sweat by the time I reached home having completed my first attempt at this particular Luing Triangle.


Don 🙂


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