This Natural World – so Simple – so Beautiful

15 Nov

I looked at my dismal pics from dreich yesterday and compared them with those Helen had taken on her walk to the far side of Luing. Where I took landscapes and the usual rubbish ‘H’ crept up on mushrooms – toadstools and mosses. Her photos are lovely – so bright and cheerful. Never mind that some of her mushrooms could kill if swallowed.


Our Free Range Mossochist at work this morning —


Anything she kin do – I kin do better —


No you can’t —


Yes I can —


Yes I can ——


Yes I can ———


Yes I can————nnnn!


There is a stretch of low-lying farmland in the south of the Island of Luing – much of it barely above sea level and difficult to drain. But this outfall cut through solid rock just above the beach enables the land to drain enough to provide summer grazing for the red Luing cattle.


It also gave me an idea to experiment with my camera and helped put a bit of colour into my Post for today.


There was a wind that would skin you down there – not the right time to leave the warm winter clothing hanging in the cupboard – Doh!


Don 🙂




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