Mull Eagle has Herc for Lunch

18 Nov

We thought snow on the Isle of Luing might be a once in ten years affair. How wrong we were when we woke to a snow-capped Scarba outside our window.


After our usual early morning fight with the oil burner to get some heat in the place we boiled the kettle – filled our flasks and knocked together some sandwiches before heading out to enjoy the weather.


We found ourselves a green hilltop with an all-round view – the best one was over Fladda Lighthouse and Belnahua to a snow-capped Isle of Mull —


That’s when we heard the throaty roar of what I thought was an old multi-engined flying boat. I searched at sea level while Helen searched the skies.

She got lucky when a four-engined Hercules hove into view coming down the Firth of Lorn —


before banking into the Sound of Luing on a route that would take it down past Jura and Islay to Makrihanish Airfield on the Mull of Kintyre —


But the Mull eagles are hungry in this weather. The Herc must have looked like a decent lunch and was lucky to escape becoming Bold Eddy fodder and continue his way unscathed —


That was lunchtime — this was an hour or so later down at sea level in the village of Cullipool —

where Chef Archie was cookin-up-a-storm at the Atlantic Centre —


and adding a touch more hot spice to his vindaloo.

As for the pic – the opening ‘moody’ shot of Scarba is by yours truly as m’lady doesn’t have her eyes open by that time – but – once they open she can take some good photos and generously supplied the others as my battery was on the blink by the time of the fly-past. .


Don 🙂

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