Hansel and Harem V our Apple Trees

20 Nov

It’s shaping up to be a ‘no contest’. Hansel turned up this morning with his harem — four dainty does would you believe. Hansel spent his time down the bank above the shop with his latest squeeze while the rest of his girls grazed quietly in the field above.

Who says wildlife can’t act civilised —


I do! Especially after planting my fifth fruit tree this morning just over the fence from the cheeky beggars.


If Hansel and his four doe’s make a herd – our five fruit trees make an orchard.


M-mm – how do I get rid of ’em while H get’s her camera shots from her hiding place in the rowan tree up on the bank?


I know what kind of shot I’d like to give the handsome brute! Here he is on an earlier visit to our patch when he only had one wife. But four – and I spotted another doe on the horizon above the road to Toberonochy yesterday!


We have planted damson – Braeburn apple – cherry – pear and plum. Here is ‘H’ making sum minor adjustment to the base of the apple tree —it’s a woman thing —


Torn between the devil and the deep blue sea — shooting the beggar seems a bit drastic. I know – I will sing to them – that has worked with girl friends in the past.

Have a bit of Fat’s Domino’s ‘Blueberry Hill’ —– at least the ladies are taking an interest —


Let’s try a Frank Ifield yodel —

‘I Went Across to Switzerland Where All the Yodeller’s Be’ — that’s worked. They’re off!


One down – two to to go —


Time for an Elvis number – ‘You Ain’t Nuthin But a Houndog’ —


She does look impressed! Hope that doesn’t mean she will be back.


There is room for us all here on this hillside – guess I will just have to educate the little beggars 🙂


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Posted by on November 20, 2016 in Isle of Luing, out and about, Wildlife


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