Another Load of Cobblers

22 Nov

20161118_102706Strictly speaking the dark rock formation centre/right of the opening pic are known as ‘the Cobblers of Lorn’ – strange really considering they overlook the Sound of Luing.

According to my official Chart showing the ‘Approaches to the Firth of Lorn’ – which to my surprise is a designated submarine exercise area – our Cobblers are t’other side of Fladda Lighthouse.

I reckon it’s all a load of cobblers really and I’m sticking with my Luing Cobblers moniker for those lumps of rock.

OK – it’s just an excuse – as if we needed one to visit Blackmill Bay with cameras after reading about the Cobblers of Lorn in a feature I found by Undiscovered Scotland,

We started with an atmospheric shot – but – we kin also do a moody shot as the weather can change here every five minutes.


It all started over breakfast when I took this next photo from my seat at the dining table. Helen decided she wanted a close-up of a snow-capped Scarba and didn’t really ‘get it’ when I suggested that close-ups wouldn’t work as all you are going to get across the water is a rock with snow on top.


No worries – a detour on the way home took us to the water-splash on the burn where Jenny Wren lives.


It’s a lovely spot. She must be a toughy to live here but she seems happy enough.

So is red cow Number J42 up the road who was busy with her head in a bucket —


I asked ‘how are things going’ – and – ‘are you missing your calf’ – who left the island for pastures new a couple of weeks ago.


She replied – ‘I can’t talk with my mouth full – bugger off with your daft questions!’


I can take a hint – especially from a talking cow so I climbed to the top of the hill where I got a safe shot of our white house nestling in the trees – centre topmost – instead.


The water – top left – is the Firth of Lorn. I don’t see any submarines exercising.


Don 🙂

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