Seconds out – Round One –

23 Nov

In the Red Corner we have Hansel the cheeky roe deer buck and his four wives —


Here’s three of them —


and in the Green Corner Mr Grumps the Gardener with his five recently planted young fruit trees.


Hansel and his team are no respecter of fences and treat our garden as their own – having earned squatter’s rights during the period the house lay empty. Electric fences don’t deter him and his girls. We are surrounded by electric fences for the bulls on Luing and the deer just hop over them.

What about something different? Like a nuclear deterrent —


I got mine at our local Homebase t’other day when I went on a visit looking for inspiration as I’m not ready to apply the final solution. Oban doesn’t appear to have a gun shop anyway. I spotted a 20×1 metre roll of security fencing and came home with it in the car. The way home takes us past the ‘postman’ so in went twenty wee posts too.


Amazing what a chap can do with a few coils of plastic plumber’s pipe and a handfull of cable ties. I reckon they need a Health Warning – gotta be radio-active with their orange glow.


That should present a few problems for Hansel & Co when finished. Even if they munch their way through my radio-active protective tree covers the thieving beggars will glow in the dark –


making them easy to spot when I do decide to get serious.


Don 🙂

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