Nip into Oban –

24 Nov

‘Nip into Oban’ – there’s no such thing when you live on the Isle of Luing where any round ‘trip’ involves two ferry crossings. But – I can’t complete our anti-roe deer measures till I’ve re-stocked my cable-tie cupboard – hence the title – ‘Nip into Oban’.

In generous mode I invited ‘H’ to come with me as she had a ‘free’ day and the library books were due back anyway. All of a sudden ‘Nip’ became  ‘Trip’. No worries – she amused herself with her camera phone on the way to Oban so I got the added bonus of having something current to put on my blog.

First was a quickie under my nose as we cross the Atlantic Bridge from the Isle of Seil to the mainland. Nice one – my attention as driver is usually taken up with clearing the blind humpback bridge while hoping there’s no one coming up from the other side.


Thanks H –  and another nice shot – this time to the mountains on Mull across the mouth of Loch Feochan from Kilinver.


And an ice-bound Loch Feochan this time.


Another quick shot – this time of a snow-capped mountain which I reckon is a few miles north-east of Oban – probably looking down on Loch Etive. I have dozens of Ordnance Survey maps on my shelves but detailed info for Mid to North Wales or South-West Scotland cuts no ice around here I’m afraid.


We had a pleasant journey into Oban on quiet roads and thankfully managed to return our library books to the nice folks there before the due date and without penalty.


But – our wallets didn’t escape unscathed. Somehow our ‘nip into town’ for cable-ties saw us shopping in a Plumber’s Merchants –  a Post Office – THREE Supermarkets – a Card Shop and another one I won’t mention except that it wasn’t Anne Summers – far as I know she doesn’t sell coal scuttles.


At least we got to the Cuan Ferry and home before dark where I was able to give my new draining rods a try-out in daylight.

Hansel – I saw you grazing quietly over the fence with your latest paramour at daybreak this morning. Tonight is your last chance to nip the tops out of my damson – Braeburn apple and plum trees. From tomorrow – weather permitting they will be zip-tied up tight just like their neighbours – the cherry n pear trees.


A-and — I’ve just found out that there IS a gunshop in Oban – you have been warned!

H-mmm – Don 🙂

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