Three Down – Two to Go –

25 Nov

Running behind with my Nuclear Deterrent Installation – had a drainage problem to sort with my new rods instead. Didn’t take any photos – I will let you imagine three manholes to lift and eighty foot of drain to poke through. Got it done and all hosed down shiny as a new pin. Never too late to start a new career –  just call me Dyno-rod.

Thought I was done for the day but with H’s support I built another inter-continental ballistic missile anti-roe deer pod – (acronym ICBMARDP) – in the garden as the cold war between myself and Hansel hot’s up.

No 3 Base Module takes shape around the plum tree —


Dunno what colour the pods are but they are certainly glowing nicely —.


visible from over there on faraway Colonsay I’m told.


If Hansel has any sense he will realise when he’s beat and apply for political asylum on Scarba.


cheers – Dyno-rod 🙂

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Posted by on November 25, 2016 in Isle of Luing


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