Hansel see’s the Light

26 Nov

Last Post I had Hansel the Roe Deer buck applying to Scarba Island for political asylum. I reckon he must have seen the light – for there he was – bold as brass in our garden before daybreak this morning quietly going about his business as proper deer do. Not once did he spoil his copybook by looking at a plant or shrub – just nibbling away innocently at moss’s – lichen and whatever he fancied on the lawn.

We took a few photos from the bedroom window and he just ignored us – even when we tapped on the window he took no notice. Nothing else for it but to look out the kitchen side door only a matter of feet from where he was grazing.


The rooks pressed the panic button and flew off at full noise from the tree overhead but he took no notice and it seems I wasn’t perceived as a threat standing camera in-hand -shivering bare foot on the doorstep in my boxers and ‘T’ shirt.


Wasn’t till an angry blackbird woke his ideas up by creating a stushie that he sauntered casually on his way to the other side of the garden and over the wall to the hillock where I cut down most of the bracken earlier this year. They love that little knoll as much as we do..


I was working with H’s camera – foreign territory for me and I can’t begin to explain the reasons for the different tones in these pics. I probably pressed something I shouldn’t.


Still in super-cool mode he grazed his way up the rough – bracken covered hillock that brought him close to the upstairs windows. He does look well fed – perhaps the  more established garden’s in the village give him better pickings.


He really is a cool customer. His doe was waiting for him by the rowan trees at the side of the house – visible a few metres from our upstairs bathroom window. Then – with a skip and a jump they were gone over the fences and off up the hill.


They are like friends of the family now and it’s quite nice having them around. It’s not only Hansel that has ‘seen the light’ – I have too and there’s no way I can do him or his anyharm. Will just have to protect our plants and shrubs best we can and pick up the pieces when he moves off to fresh grazing in the spring.


Don 🙂


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