Strike a Light Mate

27 Nov

While we are on the subject of ‘light’ – see previous Post – there’s no better time to praise the clear light we have here in the Islands of Lorn area. We thought we had good light for photographic and painting needs down in Dumfries & Galloway where they laud their ‘Dark Skies’ status. The latter is well deserved for I have seen many a sky full of brilliant stars over the Galloway Hills.

It may be down to the weeks of good weather leading to clear – cloudless skies at night since coming to Luing – or it might even be the once in thirty years occurrence of having the moon at it’s closest point to the earth during recent weeks but the light show – night or day – has been fantastic. During my years of working and travelling in the Southern Hemisphere I thought their skies at night were second to none but the heavens out here in the inner Hebrides will run them close.

OK – time for a light pic and I can’t do night-time skies so here’s one of the sun over Scarba hitting the afternoon tea table instead. Little wonder we have to keep the shades handy —


Oban isn’t so lucky but it does have access to the mystic de-lights of Caley MacBrayne ferries —


Our council run Cuan Ferry had to settle for the Dolphin Show yesterday afternoon when a flotilla of about twenty including Ma & Pa and Baby Dolphins put on a magnificent display in the Cuan Sound sunlight.

Unfortunately our happy snapper failed to capture the scene – but – all is not lost as we do have a fin in the pic — it was her recalcitrant camera that was at fault — of course it was —


No worries — she did get the man up the ladder at Cullipool jetty fixing his light on the boat late this afternoon in preparation for a night of fishing…


and – fortuitously – was on hand to log this momentous occasion on the lane leading to our home at Bardrishaig —


Who says – ‘the sun doesn’t shine on the righteous’ – Mathew 5 – verses 44-45.

Don 🙂

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