Daily Archives: November 29, 2016

More of the Tenere XT660Z

The Tall Ten is always my ‘go to’ bike despite the fact I have become disenchanted with her a few times during the six and a half years I have owned her. the-urr-018She will do a a modicum of off-road and is brilliant on stony tracks for instance – she will tour till the cows come home and hold her own in main road traffic. In addition – 150 – 200 mile day trips are meat and drink to her – especially with a variety of going so where does the ‘disenchantment’ set in.

Probably at her worst when conditions are gusty – passing trucks can be a lottery as sudden cross-winds make the Tall Ten dance across the road if you are not prepared.

Being a big single she will always vibrate – but not to excess. The most annoying thing is the ever-present rattle from the screen area which I have tried so hard to cure – even resorting to removing the bloody thing altogether and strapping it on the back at times.

Did I say ‘most annoying thing was the screen’? What about the seat? ‘Torture chamber’ on long hot days is too nice a description of it.

Doesn’t sound like much but it takes little or nothing to disturb a rider’s equilibrium on some long hauls. On one return leg from Croatia on my XJR1300 for instance I decided that the bend and height of my aftermarket alloy Renthal bars wasn’t suiting and I wasted hours checking out the few bike shops in Switzerland in my hunt for a more suitable set. Numpty that I am!


But – after all that moaning she is still here —


and I can’t wait to throw a leg over her.


Living on the Isle of Luing will mean a full sea-change to my riding habits.


No Sunday vehicle ferry for most of the year means I won’t be able to nip down to Lochearhead for a natter with my old mates by the fire on a Sunday fer instance.


But – we will just have to adapt —


where there’s a will —


there’s a way 🙂


cheers – Don