Visit Venice with Commissario Guido Brunnetti

30 Nov

A few years ago when living off and on near Frankfurt I was introduced to Commissario Guido Brunnetti and his struggles against crime in Venice. venice-24It’s difficult to miss a meeting or two with Guido over there as German TV has at last count – filmed twenty two episodes of American Author Donna Leon’s popular novels.

The German public libraries stock many of her books – both in their original English and – thankfully – in German language too. Enough to kindle my interest and make me want to visit this sinking and crumbling city on the lagoon.

So – I’ve been digging through my archives where I came across my store of images from my visit to Venice around 2008. I will post a few on here without any pretence that I know which part of Venice a particular photo was taken in. It’s still too early for Guido to be up and about but no doubt he will stroll along later in the day and help me identify my poor pics.

The magic ‘Edit’ button will be my saviour – as always šŸ™‚

First you have to get there. Being not long retired in 2008 I had all the time in the world and stopped off for a few days of R&R laced with Italian culture on one of my numerous road trips to Croatia around that time.

The Italian Dolomites are always worth a photo on the way through —


Or two. This is one of my favourite roadside stops – their tagliatelle is to die for and really sets you up for what is to come.


The sheep and cowbells ringing in the woods and fields around provide a welcome respite from the roar of bikes and cars heading north to the high passes and Austria.


Yup! The ijit says ‘that’s Austria over there’ šŸ™‚

The best way to approach Venice is dodge around the Cruise Ships and come in by water. Easily done when you grab a cheap (by Venetian prices) hotel along the Adriatic coast at Lido de Jeselo holiday resort. If you can tear yourself away from it’s lovely sandy beaches for a day a short bus ride will have you at the pier in jigtime for the ferry to Venice.

Out comes the camera at this point —


and excitement rises as we get closer to docking —


So grab yourself a gondolier and come let’s float —


along the Grand Canal if my guess is right —


which eventually will take you to the railway station – the second best way to enter Venice.


My photos are all out of sequence —


all over the place really —


and so was I —


for with all that water —


all I could think of was that I needed to pee —


and the only public toilet I could find was in the corner of St Mark’s square —


with queues of legs crossed Orientals in front of me stretching halfway around the square desperately waiting to spend a Euro — yep – a whole Euro to pee!


Being a tight Aberdonian I had other ideas and smiled my way past the nice receptionist at the nearby Metropole Hotel where she showed me to their palatial loo – for free —


which accounts for the smile on the face of this much relieved visitor – and – what better way to finish than with my favourite ‘Venice pic’ of all – a black and white shot taken by Helen in 2001 down that self-same canal past the Metropol Hotel landing.


and I’ve just realised how apt it is that I had it framed and now have it hanging on the wall of our downstairs bathroom here at our new home together on the Isle of Luing.

Thank you Commissario Guido Brunnetti — it seems like it was written in the stars..



Thanks for your patience folks – I’m sure the Commissario will be along to sort my mess out soon.


Don šŸ™‚







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